New Plugin: MockGeoFix for Android

Sat, 06 Aug 2016 03:37:00 PDT

Push Coordinates to a TCP Server running on Android!

Required Flags:
-plugin "mockgeofix"
-plugin-addr "IP:5554"

Optional Flags:
-plugin-kv = '{"password":"pw here"}'
"password": "pw here"
"flip-coords": false



commit 0c36cfd5385b81369597a1b84393ad78c7698ba5

Version 0.1!

Fri, 05 Aug 2016 01:00:00 PDT

This is the FIRST release!


# Movement:
Accelerate: W, Arrow Up
Left: A, Arrow Left
Decelerate: S, Arrow Down
Right: D, Arrow Right

# Angles:
NorthWest: Q
NorthEast: E
SouthWest: Z
Flip: X
SouthEast: C

# Mode:
Toggle: ~
Set: 1-4

# Mode Modifier:
Increase: R, =, +, Page Up
Decrease: F, -, _, Page Down
Reset: V, 0

Notes v0.1:
# To-Do:
- coordinate jumping menu in cli
currently only available at start of program or via api call
when jumping is added to the cli it should be handled the same way options currently are with a menublock
- accelerating/decelerating
- strafing/backpedaling option
not in the immediate future but could be nice
- optional updating with a shell script
- write more plugins for pushing coordinates!
you can help: checkout the directory plugins/plugin/standard/ in the source code!
- write more web browser controllers!
you can help: checkout the directory api/controllers/controller/standard/ in the source code!

# Bugs:
- accelerating/decelerating
currently accelerating will force you to travel at the modifier speed and decelerating will instantly stop you
changing the modifier needs to trigger acceleration or deceleration, think shifting gears
nothing has been written for this yet and should be the next thing written
- multiple keys presses at once not registering in cli
only the last key is registered as down, I'm not sure if this is specific to my terminal or not but it should be looked into or fixed
see loop.go for note
- black bars
if the terminal shifts upwards and an extra black line appears at the bottom it means an error has been printed in black on black text
stderr needs to be forced to write to debug.log
this might be more in the to do as well, but logging should be rewritten to use log.Logger at the same time
if you can select and copy and paste the extra line and send it in it would be helpful to fix the bug in the meantime
restarting the program will return things to normal
- multiple instances of spoofgo running from the same directory not supported
- plugin and controller plugin can not be changed after start, restarting the program is required

commit b1e270be97301bea88faa796a923ee7bf3d5a571